Hi, my name is Gabriela and I am a 38-year-old woman who currently works for a government institution and I have belonged to her for more than 10 years. My wishes for the near future is to be able to continue within this company, I really like my work and I also like to serve my colleagues with whom I have a very pleasant working relationship.

They say that work is less when you have fun and you have a good time, so I like to work under this premise, so every day I try to consent to my bosses and all the people I work with. I do not think that it is indispensable, but of course, I like to leave a small mark on each one of the people.

For some time I have had some economic problems. The truth is that at work I do not do badly, however, now it seems that all year we live on the slope of January. The prices have gone up a lot and sometimes it seems that I can not afford it. Also, as a mother and father of a family, the expenses become more complicated.

My children are not small and thanks to that I have no problem to work for several hours, the working hours are usually long, but also the advantage is that the schedules are fixed and when the time comes, everyone leaves. The truth is an advantage when the children have grown up and can help you, at least taking care of themselves and with some things from home.

One of my children is in high school and the oldest is about to finish high school. In the case of the first I know that I still have a little time to think about a way to pay for the expenses of their university studies, however, on the part of the largest, I have time on top. This is a situation that worries me a lot since one of my biggest dreams is that they can be done professionally.

In the newspapers and in the news I have heard about how difficult it is to enter a public university. The young population that wants to continue studying grows more and more and the demand increases because not only the young people of the city are those who want a place but come from all over the country and there are also some from abroad.

Given this situation, what could be done? I have asked my son to study hard so that he can get a good grade point average and also for his entrance exam to pass. We have talked about the economic situation of the family and I have let him see that it would be practically impossible to pay for a private university, but I do not want his studies to be truncated for lack of money.

Some neighbors of the colony and friends of several years have told me that they help me finance my son’s studies. The loan of money begins to be the only option I have because now it is impossible to get another job or sell something, it would be very hasty, however, I really would not like to take the help they offer me since I do not want a friendship to be see affected by money problems.

How can I get money for my son’s college? I need to think about a plan B in case you can not get a place at the school you want. In that case, it would be necessary to look for a private school. Here where we live there are some very good school institutions, the truth is that I have never asked how much they cost, however, I know that tuition costs at least 6 thousand pesos a month. Where could I get that money if my salary barely reaches me?

One day talking to one of my roommates told me that one of her friends from the administrative offices of the institution told her about an agreement with a credit institution that provides loans for government workers.

No one in my area has ever had the need to request a financial loan. All have a strength that if not good, at least have the support of one more income. But instead of walking around asking and trumpeting for information with people who did not know, I went straight to the offices of the institution to ask and corroborate the information that my friend had given me.

At the window, they told me that indeed the company has an agreement with Credifiel, a financial institution that provides fast and safe economic loans for government workers. They gave me the possibility of starting the process at that moment, however, I preferred to first talk with my son so that we could make the decision together.

From that moment I felt that life was becoming simpler, I also do not want to bore you with so much story. After requesting reports directly with Credifiel and, of course, speaking with my son, we made the decision to request the loan, which we obtained practically immediately. What a privilege there are companies like them that can help us when we need it and not as we have to wait until the approval of our loan arrives- your finances.

After obtaining the money, part of the capital is allocated to the school and another we decided to invest in a small business that we started very simple but with the passage of time, the profits were very good. The truth is that we were very surprised at how quickly everything happened.

My son is currently studying Biology at a university that allows him to take trips to meet and study terrestrial and marine flora and fauna. The business in which we invest also continues to bear fruit as extra income while I continue to work for the same institution. Well says the saying that when it is darker is because it will soon dawn and it is true, we must not lose patience because at the time when you need it most, your ally can appear as Credifiel.

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Credits of up to € 50,000 to buy diamonds

Credits of up to € 50,000 to buy diamonds

Next, we show you some of the best credits in the market to buy diamonds at the best price and in the most comfortable and fastest way.

Credit cards to buy diamonds

Diamonds are the most expensive jewelry today, although we can find ourselves in the market with different models and types that do not have to have a price as high as we imagine. In any case, credit cards, like the following, can be a good financial instrument to buy diamonds :

 We have chosen the cards as one of the best methods to buy diamonds for various reasons, although we must be aware that we will have to overcome certain requirements that the issuer requires to be able to dispose of it.

First, because they allow us to have certain amounts of money on credit in a matter of minutes, that is, they are quick and convenient. Secondly, because we can reimburse the capital that we have used in two different ways depending on our needs and preferences: on the one hand, through the total payment with which we will return the money at the beginning of the following month without any extra cost; and, on the other hand, in monthly installments with interest, that is, we can return the capital comfortably paying an additional cost.

Advantageous personal loans to buy diamonds

Advantageous personal loans to buy diamonds


If we do not have a credit card, we can also request a personal loan hotel-rio-de-janeiro.net/buzios/ with which we can get up to 50,000 euros within 48 hours and return it in comfortable monthly installments :

If we want to finance the purchase of a diamond, personal loans, like the ones shown previously, can be a good solution, since they allow us to obtain large amounts of money, in a matter of hours and, generally, with a totally online process.

When choosing a consumer credit or other we should look at several aspects to know if we are facing an advantageous or not:

  • The amount they allow us to access, because if they offer us an amount lower than we need, it will be better not to hire them and if they only offer us higher amounts than we need, it is also not appropriate that we ask for it because they will generate more interest on the capital owed.
  • The deadline: it is essential that we make sure that the term we choose is adapted to our situation and needs, that is, when choosing the time in which we will repay the loan money, we must be completely sure that our economy will allow fulfilling all the conditions of the contract. Also, we must also bear in mind that the longer the repayment term, the more interest will be generated. However, it will always be preferable to pay more interest than to fall into default.
  • The cost : when choosing a credit, we must know the cost we will pay for the money and for that it is advisable to look at the variable TAE (Annual Rate Equivalent) that includes all the expenses that a personal loan may have, such as interest, the commissions, the hiring of linked products, etc.
  • Flexibility: finally, it is important that we have other aspects in mind such as the flexibility and the services that can facilitate us with the loan such as early repayment, extension, grace periods, etc.

If we have these aspects present, we can probably make an optimal and adequate contracting of our loan. In addition, the greater our knowledge, the fewer options we will have to make a wrong decision.

What kind of diamonds are there?

What kind of diamonds are there?


There are several types of diamonds, although it should be noted that the perfect crystallographically and chemically speaking is the transparent, that is, the one that has nothing of color.

However, although it is the “perfect” diamond, those who have imperfections or strange colors are much more sought after, since they are scarce. In return, we can find and finance other less exclusive ones that are cataloged according to the color they have (or totally colorless or polarized:

  1. Colorless
  2. Near colorless
  3. Slightly colorless
  4. Very light yellow
  5. Light yellow

The differences between each type are very difficult to appreciate, especially in the case of the first three types, since the different colors are very similar to the naked eye.

The average price of diamonds

Average price of diamonds

It is complicated to establish an average price when we talk about diamonds, since, as we have said, there are a large number of them that differ according to size (finish and shape), unit of measurement, color, and purity.

However, in the current market, we can find diamonds for a wide variety of economic levels. The fundamental thing, in any case, is that the diamond we decide to buy is certified and authentic.

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Picture: Money
Dusseldorf. Now, TELE2 offers the absolute Summer Hammer Prize: From July 1st to July 31st, 2004, from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am, everyone can make national long distance calls for just 1 Ct./min. to lead! With this sensational promotion price, TELE2 (01013) ranks at the top of nationwide tariff tables during the aforementioned tariff period. ** On weekdays from 7 am to 7 pm, Tele2 customers pay only 4.60 Ct./min for long-distance calls. and from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm 1.48 Ct./min, as well as 1.70 Ct./min all weekend and public holidays.



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Are you looking to get away from debt?

If so, there is a great chance that you may need to get the debt consolidation loan. How does debt consolidation actually work? Debt consolidation financial loans are just one of the many ways that you are able to go about getting yourself out of financial debt, but they are one of the easiest. The only real problem is that you have a bad credit score. While you might assume that it is just common sense, since you are trying to get a debt consolidation loan, it might pose a problem for you. A lot of financial lenders are hesitant of giving out money to the people with poor credit, even debt consolidation reduction loans. What can you do? Properly, you can start searching for a bad unsecured debt consolidation loan.

Today, once you have this information, you should have simply no trouble paying off your debt, many people a secured or unprotected loan. Follow these essential low-interest payday loan consolidation tips, and you may achieve financial freedom faster compared to you ever thought achievable. Remember, the majority of the world millionaires were bankrupt at a single point in their careers, so that you are in some elite organization.

Consider how much you can really pay back when the next payday comes around. Work out an exact quantity you can commit to. Take a money advance only for the amount you can pay back, including all charges that will apply. Obtain funds from all other sources for any additional needs you may have.

Choices are the best benefit you get when you are for federal student loan debt consolidation

You get a variety of repayment choices like holding this payback while you make other payments first. Another is that you may take a break if you go for increased studies. You can repay the particular interest at the beginning, an option very favorite with new graduates. Also if you are going through a poor patch, that will be taken into account.

Look for deals: Student a lot more all about looking for deals. Exactly the same principles apply when you are producing arrangements for your transportation. Lots of people might tell you that the general public transport route is the best. The issue is payday loan consolidation that you might end up with more difficulties than solutions. At the same time, the cash that you spend on taxis may cover all the no down payment car insurance costs that you might have experienced to pay if you used an automobile. Therefore students have no selection but to be very picky about the providers that they use within their planning.

Second, do that which you can to bring in extra money. Pick up a part-time work, find a way to do some freelance work. There are places online, like Craigslist, where you can article up that you’re willing to will give you results for fire. And if you are able to write, there are places online that are always hiring self-employed for the penny to two-penny a word web content.

Good credit is really a call away if you have poor credit your life is not more than; with the right decisions it might get better. Debt consolidation gives you the very best chance of managing and moving your debts and helping you soon on your way become debt free. They are some helpful resources that we get gathered to assist you.

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Greece yields to the markets and requests the aid offered by the Eurozone


The Greek Prime Minister, Yorgos Papandreou, lighting a candle in a church on the island of Kasterolizo. OFFICE OF THE GREEK GOVERNMENT / EFE

Greece has decided on Friday to surrender to the evidence of its deep financial crisis and has officially requested the activation of the credit aid package designed by the eurozone.

We are facing a difficult path. It is imperative that we ask to activate this mechanism

The decision, announced by Prime Minister Yorgos Papandreou, responds to pressures from international markets for Greece to seek financial aid and guarantee that it will be able to continue to face its payments, given the growing rumors of possible state bankruptcy.

“We are facing a difficult road, and it is imperative that we ask to activate this mechanism,” said Papandréu from the Greek island of Kastelorizo, one of the southernmost points of the European Union.


Greece seems not to have withstood the upward revision that the European Union made on Thursday of its deficit – not considering the data offered by its government to be reliable – and that caused a stock market crash on the day . In addition, the credit rating agency Moodys downgraded Greece’s sovereign debt to “A3”.

Package of 30,000 million

On April 11, the euro countries offered Greece financial resources worth at least 30,000 million euros – of which Spain will contribute 2,000 – in bilateral loans, which will be completed with another 15,000 million contributed by the IMF.

The announcement has pushed up the Athens Stock Exchange by 3.16%

“We hope, and our partners in the European Union hope, that this decision will be enough to calm the markets and that we can continue to finance our country with lower interest rates,” the prime minister said.

For now, the announcement pushed the Athens Stock Exchange up 3.16% and the spread of the Greek ten-year bond in relation to the German “Bund” fell to 493 basis points, although by midday it had rebounded again to 519 basic points.

Papandreou did not specify the volume of credits he will request from his eurozone partners and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), also involved in the rescue operation.

Possible advancement of the IMF

At the moment, Finance Minister Yorgos Papaconstantínu will travel to Washington this weekend to negotiate with IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn about the terms of the credit of up to 15,000 million euros that this body could provide.

Only in May, Greece must disburse 10 billion to meet its obligations

Various scenarios raised by the Greek press already speak of an advance of aid from the IMF of 3,000 million euros at an interest rate of 2.86%.

Only during the month of May, Greece must disburse 10,000 million euros to meet its payment obligations. In total, it is estimated that the country owes about 273,000 million euros, a 115.1 percent of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Papaconstantínu assured that “without a doubt, by May 19, Greece will have 9,000 million euros of capital that it needs for its payments”.

The minister confirmed that he has already spoken by phone with Olli Rehn, European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs; with the vice president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Lucas Papademos; and with their European counterparts.

The grants, subject to the adjustment plan

For its part, the countries of the euro zone will not approve the financial aid to Greece until the Greek authorities do not close the adjustment plan for the next three years they are negotiating in Athens with representatives of the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) ) and the European Central Bank (ECB).

This is clear from a joint communiqué by the Eurogroup presidency, the ECB and the Commission, in which the three parties “take note” of the request made by the Greek Government for the activation of the financial aid mechanism.

“The support will be based on the program currently being prepared by the Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund together with the Greek authorities,” the statement said.

Greece has accumulated a debt of about 300,000 million euros and and a fiscal deficit in 2009 of 13.6% Greece has accumulated a debt of about 300,000 million euros and and a fiscal deficit in 2009 of 13.6%, well above the top fixed by the Treaty of Maastricht for the countries of the euro zone, which places it at 3% of GDP.

However, the European Central Bank (ECB) and president of the Bundesbank, Axel Weber, considered that Greece will need about 80,000 million euros to overcome its financial difficulties and meet its payment obligations, as reported by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal .

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It was a beautiful dream: Poor farmers in developing countries should be given a chance – with a few euro loans. But seeing evidence that microcredit is not a panacea. When banks lend recklessly money that quickly leads to crisis. This is the same in India.

E ga Mounika saw the solution to the plight of her family. 10,000 Indian rupees (166 euros) they borrowed from a microfinance organization. So she bought a sewing machine. From then on she was mending morning the clothes of their neighbors in the village in the impoverished Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, in the afternoon she studied. All went well until the family, not in a week interest rates could pay. She took a second loan. “Shortly after we sat on four loans over 80,000 rupees from four banks,” said Egas father Laxmi Narayan. With their monthly income of 4,500 rupees but they could never afford interest and repayments of 1,000 rupees a month. Moneylenders offered them then to bridge loans over 5000 rupees to 120 percent interest. The debt collector was more and more uncomfortable. In the end, they suggested the mother Ega sell her to a brothel. End of September, the Twenty burned.

That should not have happened. A few months ago were the microcredit all the rage in development aid: a means by which to help the poor at the same time and even takes money – however, no one had any objections. In 2006, the microcredit banker Muhammad Yunus got for its shops even the Nobel Peace Prize. And the industry flourished. 2003 had only 25 million people get a mini credit world, there were 2009 three times as many. The value of loans increased eight even. There are now microcredit initiatives around the world.

In Asia today little run without the loans, especially in the country – whether in India, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia. In the villages, the poverty-stricken people confidence that they can borrow money. Although the banks require up to 30 percent interest. But that is still much less than the loan sharks want – and there is a good reason for the high-interest rates after all lending in the country is very expensive.

Apparently falls despite the high cost even profit from. As the success of microcredit word spread, many commercial microfinance banks set. Some charity even changed its focus and went public, such as “Compartamos” in Mexico and “SKS Microfinance” in India. SKS gained a 350-million dollars from investors reviewed the entire company on this transaction at 1.6 billion dollars.

This caused trouble, especially in India. Because apparently, the new mini banks exercised with a view to their profit from so much pressure on the debtors that they broke. In the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, some farmers committed suicide in the fall because they could not pay their interest. Thus began a crisis that Indian politicians call “sub-prime crisis of India”. The government ordered lower lending rates and required that banks only allowed to collect a month instead of weekly interest rates again. The engagement of the policy led to a screeching halt in the industry. Vasant Kumar, Minister for Rural Development in Andhra Pradesh, defended the action. “How to know which of the small lenders are criminal and what louder if we do not regulate? In recent years, we did not have the strength to do it, now we have to the government.”

The neighbors in Bangladesh used the new poor image of microcredit banks to put Nobel laureate Yunus under pressure with which they are already long at loggerheads. They dug out an old accusation that Yunus had embezzled aid from Norway. Although Norwegian inspectors but have long since dispelled the accusation that in Bangladesh the debate goes on. Moreover, Yunus is accused of defamation because he had once accused the government greed. In an appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, he had to do without.

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